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Safety Approved Sports Glasses with Optional Prescription Inserts.
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Prescription Sports Glasses with a Sport Rx Insert

Welcome to the Neweyeco range of prescription sports glasses. Everyone's needs are different when it comes to choosing sport eyewear, from the style of sports eyeglass frames to prescription type, lens colours and sports that you play. 

Any Prescription You Need, Any Lens You Want

From single vision to bifocal sunglasses and blue mirror to orange lens sunglasses, we have  sport rx eyewear to suit your needs.

Simply browse our collection of sports eyeglasses, choose the style of sport glasses that are right for you, enter your prescription and then order your sportrx prescription eyewear online.

If you aren't sure whether you need single vision, multi vision or bifocal sunglasses check out our guide on how to pick the best prescription sunglasses for your vision.

Sport Rx Sunglasses for Every Sport

For Athletes, vision is critical to performance and safety. Neweyeco's range of sport rx sunglasses online deliver safety, style and vision to everyone from cyclists needing prescription riding glasses, to skiers wanting prescription snow goggles or motorcycling prescription sunglasses – and nearly any sports inbetween.

Our range of prescription sports glasses come with the optional Astralon Foil Rx insert and optional Dust-Gaskets to prevent dust and wind getting into your eyes.

Prescription Sports Glasses at Half the cost

The unique Rx sport foil insert for our range of IC sport sunglasses for men and women not only comes with a lifetime guarantee but halves the cost of your normal prescription sports glasses. So, the only thing you need to replace are your sports eyeglasses frames not the rxsport insert, which is the costly piece.

How do we halve the cost of your prescription sports glasses?


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